Saturday, July 11, 2009

The new all encompassing list of things I want

I love that we live in a time where there are so many inventions that are going to emerge, its like witnessing the next industrial revolution, check out this list..

1. The Invisibility Cloak
No, not Harry Potters, the brain boxes at UC Berkley have actually made it! It works by using a material that neither absorbs nor reflect lights (think Invisible Woman, Fantastic 4). Where they found this material, I have no idea.

2.Einstein's fridge
Seriously, that guy did everything. Apparently he made a refrigerator that uses ammonia, butane and water instead of freon (which is what yours uses). This uses way less energy and was enhanced by the peeps in Oxford.

3. The charge your phone by walking..thing
This is a device that harnesses the energy of walking. It ties around your knee and has enough energy to charge your cellphones, blackberries, iphones. woo.

4.The Peraves Mono Tracer
Its a motorcycle..but its covered. Its safe and its fast.

5. The Aptera Electric Car

Swiss made, super strong, super fast. This thing is cooler than the bat-mobile...actually it looks like one of those jetsons cars. The only thing this car can't do is fly.,28757,1852747,00.html.html check out this link to see more. I think our sci-fi writers should start thinking more radical, because technology is catching on fast.


  1. Ahh consumerism! Don't you just hate the noose it seems to create around our necks?!