Monday, November 30, 2009

Adam Brody: because its been a while since I have watched the OC

“You can’t ruin Chrismukkah. Its got twice the resistance of a normal holiday”

because he’s just so super good-looking

adam brody, 98

because I think he has a million dogs

because of his hair

because he was Seth Cohen (have I mentioned his hair)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Insane Tourist

I was returning back to my abode after an hour of gymming and i found two gullible looking tourist girls. They were also clearly insane because they were trying to get into public transport, ie, a bus*…in New Delhi, India. I, being the epitome of a good concerned citizen asked them to take some other less suicidal form of transport, because the bus transport system is not “safe”. “Not safe in what sense?”, asks one of them.

Umm…I dunno, but when you are travelling in one of the most crime ridden cities in India, do you really need to be asking such a question? Obviously the danger in question is not one of a natural calamity such as an earthquake. I tried to explain to these particularly dim girls (blondes) that even normal Indian girls like myself do not travel by such buses and also pointed out that the bus is at full capacity and there is not one girly in it. This did not seem to them a logical explanation (blondes) and they went ahead anyway.

What is even more annoying about this is that these are the same people who get vaccinated and only drink mineral water and hold on to hand sanitizer like it is some magical elixir. I can understand that you are lost and you are in a completely different country, but when good sound advice is being offered you must take it! The fact that I can eat anything and drink anything from anywhere in this country and still not get sick is proof of my supremacy.

The conclusion of this rant is that if you will ever find yourself in India, you must never travel by bus*.


*bus: ie, the old kind. they look tattered and battered and look like they are going to fall apart in no time. however, there is a new kind introduced recently in shades of red and green and they look beautiful -they may be safer to travel in.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Confessions on a Friday Night

1. I Watch Gossip Girl

I hate to admit it, but I fallen for all those crude marketing stunts and superficial beauty, even though its inane and repetitive.I sometimes watch it on mute just to see Blair’s wardrobe. I do not know if thats better or worse. Can you really blame me? (see photographs below)



2. I am a vegetarian, but I sometimes dream I am eating chicken nuggets

Which is just shameful really. I think the only explanation for this is that I am very very mad. Sometimes its spaghetti and meatballs.

Worst. Vegetarian. Ever.

3. I like Barack Obama, even though he has quite truly, in every sense of the word, done nothing at alL since he was elected

Apart from murdering pirates…which is a good start, but still. I have no idea. This Obama love is very irrational. I have started reading the newspaper since he was elected. I laughed when he won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, but I can sympathize with those poor old blokes up there in Sweden. They know he doesn’t deserve it, but they just want to give it to him, just for the heck of it….

4. I am going to use the recession crisis as an effective excuse of being unemployed

I am 19. This is the last of the teen ages. I am also graduating from college in the next five months, which means I should seek employment. I would sincerely love to work but I can’t think of any reason why a company would want to hire me (even in times of a booming economy). I wouldn’t hire me… so I will just say it was George Bush’s fault and people will be sympathetic.

5. I am an Indian living in India and I have never seen the Taj Mahal

Whats more, is that I can reach to this beautiful monument of never-ending love in approximately two and a half hours. I can only blame my Parentals for not taking me, but I vow that I shall visit Agra right after my exams.

Eat Pray Love

“I think I deserve something beautiful.”

If you are like me and you live under a rock and have lived your life until now without reading this amazing book, I recommend you must. It is beautiful, funny and amazing and I promise you will love everything about it (as long as you are of the female species). This is one book you shouldn’t miss.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Remembering 26/11


Departing from the usual light tone of this blog I would like to mark the first anniversary of one of the most terrifying three days I have witnessed.

A year ago, India’s financial capital, Mumbai was woken up to a nightmare. The city dealt with eight terrorist attacks lasting three days which claimed the lives of 173 people and broke the resolve of this great city. I do not wish to enter into a debate on the people responsible for this attack, but simply remember the hundreds of victims, the countless families and the brave NSG commandos who risked their lives to bring this country to safety.

26/11. Not forgotten. Not Forgiven.


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Snapshot: Zooey Deschanel

She has such a cute and quirky style. I love how she dresses! Look at her red sailor scarf, I want! Enjoy…


Zooey Deschanel

The `tea cosy`

Zooey Deschanel