Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mr.Darcy is NOT a Vampire

I might be over-reacting a tad, but I think these modern authors are taking too many artistic liberties with my favorite Austen novel. I can understand people making modern versions of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as great stories will always be emulated, but turning this classic into something so preposterous is wrong.

If the urge to write about vampires, zombies and sea monkeys is really so strong, these authors should write original stories. Look at Stephanie Meyer –she did all right. Twilight is like the only vampire book I have ever read and Edward Cullen was great and sort-of original. These books are never any good, that stupid zombies book wasn’t even funny.

Okay then, I should proceed to a Veronica Mars marathon.


  1. lol...nice to have someone say this...i agree totally

  2. thanks for believing in the cause. :)