Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Night Owl

I don't know why I picked the middle of the night to ponder on the greater meanings of life. Thinking about what exactly I am doing with myself, my life and all that regular schmazzle. So, I couldn't sleep and basically played with my cat for half an hour. My cat (lilo) was more than happy to have a companion to accompany him in his nightly prowls.
Then I spent the rest of the time reading Atlas Shrugged at like 1am. Ahh, those of you who are in highschool/college and are broke like me, the ayn rand foundation has a $10,000 essay contest.
The weather is highly unpredictable, dont go out when its storming and raining...I know its fun, but you will get struck by lightning. I did and its the kind of thing one must totally avoid.

see ya then,


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  2. OK. Fellow fashion slave, here. I made a mistake in my last comment, so here goes again:
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    Thank you,

    Stephanie J. Golden, B.S.W., M.S.R.C.

  3. I too suffer from self instigated insomnia. If I would just stop pondering this and that at three in the morning I can garantee I'd feel less like the living dead come morning.
    My cat doesn't help either, his prowl time is my nap time, and I swear his favorite activity is knocking the loudest things possible off of my desk.

  4. thanks lavender.
    and yep, my cat does that too, and then he looks at me as if to challenge me.

  5. Thank you for following me! I see that we have similar interests and I enjoyed your blog!!