Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Guide to Being Normal

Did you hear the answers to the Rorschach inkblot test have been leaked on wikipedia. Psychologists world over are deeply unhappy and I am so very amused. They might try to remove it, therefore I am going to post it here. Go visit:

I do this because I have a rather strong distaste for psychology/psychiatry and also because I am genuinely concerned for all of you dearies. I am sure that all of you are great examples of fine citizenry, but there might be a time when some hack doctor takes it upon himself to declare you psychotic –in which case this will be rather useful.

120px-Rorschach_blot_01 bat, butterfly, moth

120px-Rorschach_blot_02 two humans….do I see a high five?

120px-Rorschach_blot_03 two humans. I see two women

120px-Rorschach_blot_04 No, this is not a dead person…but is an animal skin or an extremely large animal

120px-Rorschach_blot_05 bat, butterfly, moth

120px-Rorschach_blot_06animal hide, skin, rug

120px-Rorschach_blot_08 ooOo, pretty…the pink part is an animal. I for one don’t see an animal, I see a spinal cord, liver type stuff, etc.

120px-Rorschach_blot_09 orange part=humans….I see sea-horses and more body parts.

120px-Rorschach_blot_10 blue= crab/lobster/spider

Hurrah!! That is all you need to know. If in some case they change this, make sure you use limited imagination and for gods sake..don’t say vagina.

I’m going to take a nap and you stay out of the loony bin.




  1. dont say vagina lol thats great

  2. Oh the amusing irony of posting "answers" to a projective personality test on the internet! As a budding psychologist, I have to point out that this is a test without answers...meaning that even if you say "I see a butterfly" in card 1, you actually do not have any coveted answer. It takes a doctoral degree to administer and interpret this test, therefore a simple "butterfly=right" does not suffice. But go ahead and give the wikipedia cited answers, I promise you will be asked something along the lines of a oh-so-cliche question "What does that mean to you?".....

  3. I love this!! How hilarious. I will never ever say vagina!! LOL

  4. I saw the animal hide picture as a lampost with two people flinging themselves from behind it. Does that make me crazy? I'm hoping it does... It would explain a lot. lol.

  5. Lol. At least it's not a vagina... Love your blog, btw.

  6. ha, yeah. and thank you so so much :)