Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I’ll have to find another tower somewhere..

Let me have you know something, there is absolutely no way to prepare for a 24 hour flight. That is, ofcourse, if you travel by coach. I’ll be leaving for India to finish my last year of college and as exciting as that is, I am dreading the flight. Cramped spaces, packaged food and lack of internet service scare me quite a bit.

Today is dedicated to packing , organizing, shuffling around the house, making lists and spending time kurtwith the parentals and me snobby cat.

You should listen to this song I have posted below. Its by Sara Bareilles (she sung ‘Love Song’ , remember?) and she’s about the coolest chick I know. Little Voice is one of those CDs where each and every song is worth listening to.

This is one of my faves, ‘Bottle it Up’ and she’s also wearing the prettiest green dress. Listen to the lyrics, she’s funny..

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Love Song


  1. Ugghhhh...good luck with that flight. I couldn't imagine being on a plane for that long. Hopefully you have an ipod, a book, and plenty of magazines.

  2. Stiu si imi plac toate melodiile :D

  3. ohk lets be best friends then!! xD xD
    and Keane really is awesome

  4. Mr.Congo: i am going with an ipod, 2 books, a paper a pen and pillows. i hope this works, it never has before!
    Irrina: I shall be translating that. but the smiley face i understand.
    Azam: keane is amazing its not possible to explain how much. i saw them in concert in central park and they sound even better live if you can believe that. i lost my voice from all that screaming.