Monday, August 3, 2009

The One Who Shopped Till She Dropped

It would be nice if the money I earned actually stayed in the bank account. The internet just doesn’t help does it? Anyway, I can't control myself, and these are the things that I want to buy…click on the pictorial to go to the link and buy it yourself.

1. The Steve Madden clutch: $40

I love this…its Steve Madden and its affordable. cute.


2. The Deepa Gurnani gossip-girlish head band: $38

I have searched far and wide for this. Her page is worth dropping by.

Deepa Gurnani headband

3. ModCloth Little Red Dress: $50

If you want this buy it fast, the stock at modcloth doesn’t last long.

red dress

4. Delia*s Starry Night tee: $24.50

Check this store out there is a 15% discount going on. They have the prettiest dresses, hoodies and tees.

starry night

5. The Kurt Halsey fireflies necklace: $20

I absolutely love Kurt Halsey..want want want.


6. Red Prairie Press: Pink Poppies Scarf: $20

I can feel how soft it is just by looking at it. I want fall to come sooner.

pink poppies scarf

This is delightful work. Only thing it comes out to 200-something dollars which I don’t have. The parentals will have to be contacted. After all, my birthday is steadily approaching (August 30)…*hint hint*.