Monday, December 7, 2009

I need your help!


I want to surprise a really close friend of mine for her birthday (This is our last year of college and I want to buy her something she can remember and keep). And I am running out of ideas. Can any of you amazing God’s creatures suggest me an idea, or tell me how you surprised someone you knew?




  1. When I was a freshman and had just moved into the dorms, my sweet mom mailed me a photo book she had put together on or some website like it. It was just a sweet, 20 or so page book with tons of memories from home. I looked at it every time I was homesick.

    Maybe something like that to keep track of all her fun college memories!

  2. i agree with michelle. you can never go wrong with a scrapbook or album! like a little yearbook of your college circle of friends. you could even get people to sign it :)
    other than that what about an adult version of the "best friend" necklaces that we used to get in junior high...
    it's hard to say without knowing anything about her!

  3. yeah we are definitely doing the photograph thing. We are also thinking of giving her those fortune cookie fortunes for each day of the year...