Saturday, September 26, 2009


So, yes its been quite long, but I have decided to resurrect my blogger self. The problem was that for the past three months or so I actually acquired a life, so that any free time I found was dedicated to sleeping. Now suddenly I crave to write again about various inane random things.

Something for your loony bun
As you may have noticed I have a very deep appreciation for youtube and this is a video which will quite literally change your life. It is a translation of an indian song into english. Its amazing.

I think you should read the same things I am reading
For example I read 'The Lost Symbol', by Dan Brown which is again a fine piece of work. You will never think of DC or George Washington the same way. I will not ruin the book for you because its simply amazing and you will just wonder why nobody told you those things before.
Secondly I recommend that you read any book by Bill Bryson. He' s witty and funny. I would write an excerpt from the book only I don't know whether its a copyright violation. I am reading 'Notes from Big Country' which is about our amazing nation.
You learn a lot of things from the book...for instance, did you know Grover Cleveland (former president) used to "relieve" himself from the office window and that Zachary Taylor had never voted in a single election and did not even vote for himself? Better yet, did you know that 400,000 Americans suffer injuries involving beds, mattresses and pillows every year? Pillows! As I said, its a great book.

Some Brit spotted a UFO
Assuming he was not under the influence of an illegal substance (and i really hope he was not), this could mean many great things. Actually he saw something red and shiny and it was moving. It could be any number of things but I really hope he is right.


  1. I actually disagree, I really hope he WAS imagining it. Now, this might be selfish of me, but I've always wanted to the be the first one to see a UFO. Aussies' have got to do something to get some recognition, this is as good as anything.

  2. aussies are good at cricket, but i guess in the last world cup it was like an epic fail.

  3. Lol.. the video and the subs was hilarious. :)
    But even with my limited knowledge of Tamil, I can assure you the subs weren't a literal translation of the lyrics into English. It is what he/she thinks the video SOUNDS like in English.
    Now that clip has the words and the actual meaning of the lyrics! Its a lil' cheesy, I should warn ya! :)